Console Wars: PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

In the past it was Atari vs Intellivision, then it became Nintendo vs Sega. Eventually it became Sega vs Nintendo vs Sony. Eventually Sega dropped out of the Console wars and Nintendo and Sony continued their gruelling fight while Microsoft got ready to release the Xbox and joined the war with the Xbox.  Up to this day Sony and Microsoft have continued the war, it has been a long gruelling war that has either annoyed gamers to death or has benefited gamers because of all the new material they get from the noisy bantering and constant development of unique games that would coax you to either buy an Xbox or a Playstation. Now the Sixth Generation of Consoles is nearing its death, as the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U have arrived to take the stand. Though Nintendo has always been counted in the Console Wars, they have sort of taken a backseat as they have always long have had a relatively high sustaining level of sales that has kept it as one of the top corporations in the world. So because of this most of the focus of the “wars” has jumped to the fight between the Sony and Microsoft. a product that is primarily due to the hype built up by the developers which has long resulted in raging forums; harsh comments and strangely childish men declaring their “allegiance” to either console.

Nevertheless the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generation of Consoles have passed and the Eighth Generation has entered the fray, it won’t be long until the Seventh Generation breaths its last and becomes forever remembered as a Classic relic of an age long past. But the Eighth Generation has arrived, opening up gamers to another war that will continue until people have forgotten it and that is the war between the PS4 and the Xbox One. It is without a doubt that the PC and the Wii U gaming community have simply enjoyed watching the two destroy each other, but even though the two have very distinct features it is rather obvious that because of the amazing exclusives that both the PS4 and the Xbox One possess.

The Xbox has an exclusive that has long been regarded as a definitive representative of the console, and that is the Halo Series specifically the upcoming Halo V. Halo has been regarded as one of the greatest shooters ever made; it features a faceless character whose facelessness has allowed him to be regarded as a very selfless and sympathetic hero. The armament of Halo is also extremely interesting and its highly focused game play has earned its reputation. Its spin offs and prequels have also been filled with emotion that has defined it.

The PlayStation 4 on the other hand has many exclusives and that is its greatest selling point, but among its exclusives the Killzone series is popular for its status as a shooter with a convincing atmosphere and of course excellent game play. Killzone 4 was released in the PS4 as one of its launch titles and it has been lauded for its extremely pretty graphics, which is so far defining the strength of the PS4.

How to choose the best instruments for rock and heavy metal

heavy metal

If you have the passion in playing rock or heavy metal music, you must have top-quality instruments to create the best sounds. Regardless if you are playing acoustic guitar, drums, or other musical instruments, the quality must make a big difference in the sound.

Nowadays, there are many types of musical instruments, which vary according to different brands, prices, and subtypes. Basically, most musical shops also offer accessories, apart from primary musical instruments. In searching for top quality instruments, whether at music stores or online, there are several things that you must take note.

In shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, it is crucial that the sales personnel are well-versed with the kind of instrument that you wish to buy. This is often difficult to do if there are numerous types of musical instruments for sale. A music shop with staff who have specialized knowledge about specific instruments can help you. Bear in mind that a musical instrument should be an investment, and if the salesperson is not knowledgeable about the instrument you want to buy, they may not help you in choosing the right type suitable for rock and heavy metal.

In shopping for an acoustic guitar, be sure to check out the size that you want and see if the size you are considering has the features suitable for your genre. Hence, this will make your options narrower. Another feature to check out is the volume adjustment. It could be difficult during your practice session, particularly if you have neighbors or housemates that are not actually into heavy metal. Hence, you may consider electric acoustic guitars with headphones to plug in. Also consider the price and brand. Basically, we have our own preferred brands, so be sure to choose one that is trusted, and reasonably priced.

Another important musical instrument for the rockers is a good set of drums. You must find a good set with standard quality cymbals, tom toms, hi-hat, snare drums, and bass drum. Also crucial is getting high-quality “throne” or the chair where the drummer seats. Many people disregard this, but it is also crucial to find a good “throne” because it can affect the performance of the drummer. The chair should be easy to adjust and must also be very comfortable. getting the right type of drummer chair can also ensure good playing posture and also avoid bad injuries. You must also consider the brand, size and price.

A digital piano or synth is also a wonderful instrument for rock and heavy metal. Numerous rock bands also use electronic and even conventional pianos in creating engaging music.  In purchasing one, you must decide if you want to get a new one or a used one, because aside from the fact that keyboards can be expensive, they can be very durable. A standard quality piano can even outlive their owners, and may end up sold several times. Look for a style that you want, and check if it matches your preferences. The size and weight of the piano must also be considered, because these are crucial for producing rock music and heavy metal.

What Are HDMI Cables For?

hdmi cable

HDMI is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is a standard for connectivity set globally by well-known brands such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Silicon Image, Philips, and Thomson (RCA). HDMI standards were established for the foundation of high quality transmission of video and audio for various computer, audio, and video products. More and more companies are integrating HDMI into their products for better user experience.

With the help of an HDMI cable, you will have better connectivity and quality for home entertainment regardless of the brand or manufacturer of the products you are using. HDMI is compatible with various brands because it is a two-way platform. As a two-way platform, HDMI enables different components to ‘interact’ with each other and make the necessary adjustments for maximum efficiency and ease of use no matter how many components you are using simultaneously.

Why use an HDMI cable?

HDMI is a convenient and efficient audio and video connection because of its compatibility across different brands and components. HDMI allows users to experience 1080p HD video entertainment at home. HDMI, compared to older interconnect cables such as composite video and S-video, uses all-digital representation of data that makes it easier to transmit through different components. With the simplicity of the all-digital data that HDMI uses, one no longer needs to translate digital to analog and vice-versa processes. It is now easier to transfer video and audio information to a component.

Another benefit of using an HDMI cable is that it offers one-cable convenience. HDMI provides users with an all-digital transfer for audio signals with just one cable. Before HDMI was widely used, one would need up to three video cables and at least one audio cable for one component. With the advent of HDMI, all the information is digitized and travels through one cable and configuration.

With the rising popularity of HDTV and other high-definition products, HDMI has been a must-have for users to fully experience HDTV and entertainment. Most projectors, Blu-ray players, DVR, receiver, HDTVs, and other products come with at least one HDMI connector.

What are the characteristics should you look for in an HDMI cable?

Now you know how important an HDMI connector is, but before you just buy one there are certain characteristics that you should look for. Consider conductor thickness, insulation, and quality of shielding when choosing a connector. Also consider the speed rating of the cable that you want to purchase. Get a cable that has a speed of at least 10.2Gbps. Consider the bit depth rating of the cable you want to purchase. The better cables provide buyers with excellent bandwidth. High-bandwidth cables offer users 10-bit to 12-bit of color depth.

How many cables will you need?

The number of cables you need will depend on the number of compatible components you want to connect to each other, the number of HDMI outputs and inputs that you can use on the components you have, and the configuration plan you want to have.